“Working at LiMETOOLS is an unusual experience, because it is rare that you go to work and collaborate every day with young psychologists, Cyber Forensic experts, eLearning specialists, gaming developers and film producers. No project is the same; no challenge gets ignored. It’s great!” 

Tiff Skinner,  Masters graduate

MSc Cyber Behavioural Psychology


Like many innovations, the LiMETOOLS concept developed whilst doing something completely different. In 2014, we were running a behavioural change programme for the British Government, working with some very large corporate businesses in SE Asia. We could see immediately the scale of change these multinationals needed to mitigate against two ‘killer’ areas of corporate risk – cyber and energy security.


The organisations had come to the conclusion that even with deep levels of investment, hiring armies of consultants was not going to deliver the behavioural changes needed at all levels of their often fragmented empires. Self-directed learning and immersive habit-change planning at all levels of management was the only way to cascade change through their businesses…but where were the products?

After years of developing tools that empowered staff and management to bring about change, we had the skills to do this. The company has grown quickly from our passion to meet this challenge. 

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