The Directors, along with a network of specialist associates, have worked in 21 countries over the last 10 years delivering products and change management consultancy services through multimedia channels for governments and business customers.


The LiMETOOLS concept emerged from work they were doing for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office on climate change and corporate behaviour change in Indonesia in (2014)


LiMETOOLS won the international RBS Innovation Gateway ‘Best Concept Award’ in 2015.


The Psyber name was generated during a company forum whilst filming with the Computer Laboratory at Cambridge University. It came from two words: ‘Psychology’ - understanding of people and ‘Cyber’ – the digital ecosystem that now requires from us behaviour change.

The Psyber division at LiMETOOLS produced its first product, Psyber Social in 2016, which completed its trials in January 2017.


LiMETOOLS grew an impressive number of international clients, including Santander Bank, Brazil; British Government FCO;  ING Bank, Netherlands; Siemens UK; Arcadis, UK and the World Bank


The Psyber division at LiMETOOLS signed an R&D Agreement with Bournemouth University Psychology Behaviour Change Unit, after publishing and then presenting a joint paper on eLearning Behaviour Change Principles in Cyber Security at the IEEE Global Conference in Athens, May 2017.