Addressing the Human Factor Element of Cyber Security through Behaviour Change Training

Over the last five years, our team of specialists and an International Advisory Group of experts have commissioned and analysed sufficient evidence to suggest that many large organisations, buying increasingly expensive antivirus technology, now know that the technical solutions are not solving their security weakness. Smart organisations recognise that instilling a new collaborative approach to staff behaviour change is the key to lowering risk quickly and if done correctly with habit retention in mind, will continue to remain a strong barrier irrespective of technological advances. We place an emphasis on developing a cyber-secure collaborative practice amongst your staff teams, but we also ensure that your systems and data remain under your control. 

We take a lot of care to ensure that the experience of using our tools is a positive one; and that the activities feel relevant to each individual’s work objectives.

Our tools are designed to deliver new habit processes that are retained long term. This means we don’t teach rules, that can quickly become outdated; but we do teach continual evaluation techniques that ensure a future-proof attitude to risk avoidance. Whilst we build our tools on the principles of behaviour change, we encourage people to become generally more adaptable and flexible in fast moving environments.