Helping you recognise the power of your behaviour change culture

LiMETOOLS builds and licences eLearning tools designed to be configurable to match most international business sectors. Our library of products and resource is facilitated by constant research in the field. It contains short video documentaries on key issues, interactive learning games, action planning facilitation and animations that clarify complex processes and fictional drama decision-making scenarios. In addition, we have direct access to global experts who offer insights and best practice advice. 

Unlike external business consultancy, often expensive and time-consuming, our modular products are designed to be applied easily and cost effectively within existing organisational workflow. They are automatically versioned to achieve high impact with all sizes of business; for a range of cultures and languages; with options for different levels of audio-led or text-based progression navigation; or versioned to be cascaded down the supply chain to ensure full compliance. Our tools do not just inform but are designed to be memorable experiences that change habits in a measurable way. Our cloud-based programmes can be carried out on traditional desktop systems but also on mobiles and tablets, enabling learners to interact directly with their specific environments.

Our software monitors the progress of each individual user, intervening automatically if they need support or produce low scores. The data capture system records and analyses trainee’s performance in real time and then aggregates and filters data to assess performance, calculate departmental, site location or regional comparisons and identify where further interventions are needed.

"Our experience working with large corporates and government organisations across the world is that behaviour change is often considered expensive and can tempt even the most passionate leader to sigh ‘probably not on my watch’. We believe that our tools bring a new realism and measurability to delivering change, at a cost that is dwarfed by the value of the outcomes.”  - John - LiMETOOLS Co-founder