PsyberData is a suite of seven self-directed learning tools that deliver an informed awareness, combined with prioritised habit changes, related specifically to the General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR], across a range of staff levels. The suite includes; Psyber Data: Fundamentals, Psyber Data: Managers IT, Psyber Data: Managers HR, Psyber Data: Managers Marketing, Psyber Data: Managers Not-for-Profit, Psyber Data: Managers Legal and Psyber Data: Executive.

Psyber Data: Fundamentals [50 minutes] is recommended for all staff and is designed to raise the competence and limit poor data management habits, from receptionists to the senior management team. This tool acts as a platform for a further five ‘managers’ tools that dive deeper technically into specific operational areas of expertise.

Psyber Data: Managers are focused tools designed for managers responsible for IT, HR, Marketing, Not-for-Profit and Legal [50 minutes]. It is recommended that if you are purchasing any Psyber Data: Manager tools, that the user first takes the Psyber Data: Fundamentals tool in sequential order. The storyline in the drama is linked throughout the suite, starting from the Fundamentals tool, all the way through each Manager tool.

Psyber Data: Executive [20 minutes] is a short informative tool aimed at raising board level awareness, to help attribute data responsibility to the senior leaders.

The suite brings alive an understanding of the new regulatory act but teaches in a way that lowers the potential risk of ‘staff denial’ due to the enormity and complexity of the requirements.