PsyberSocial is a 45-minute interactive self-directed learning tool that focuses on habit change priorities related to social media. This tool targets young, entry level business employees teaching them about social engineering and the exploitation of trust.

The tool increases the learner’s capacity to understand how their online social media behaviour can impact personal life and business integrity.

The tool firstly gets the user thinking about their personal security awareness. Then, it works through the stages of a successful social engineering attack, using a dramatised case study, analysing the motivations behind the hacker and attack implementation. Finally, the user is asked to complete a habit change action plan and a ‘knowledge check’ to give them an opportunity to show what they have learnt throughout the tool.

The employee then watches three video sequences following a hacker’s journey. After each episode, there is a short quiz to make sure the learner is absorbing the detail of the dramas.