Learning Strategy

The Psyber division at LiMETOOLS uses a mix of trainee immersion and game playing whilst facilitating and measuring habit change. Our cloud-based programmes can be used on traditional desktop systems and mobiles and tablets, enabling learners to interact directly with their specific environments, when appropriate, as they move around their workplace or ‘save’ and complete at home. Our data-capture system records and analyses trainee’s performance in real time and then aggregates and filters the data to give student feedback, whilst assessing departmental capacity growth, calculating regional or site comparisons and identifying those internal teams where further interventions are needed.

Our learning strategy is underpinned by Social Cognitive Theory, a widely accepted learning theory that exploits the fact that people learn vicariously through others in similar situations to themselves. These carefully researched work-based simulations help users to face up to highly complex and challenging decisions. Their ingrained organisational bad habits can be addressed when they see the results of their own analysis, stimulating them to build practical and personalised behavioural change programmes.

The learning pathways are configurable, enabling each organisation to version the tools to suit their own corporate office environment and eLearning culture. The pathways ensure the user progresses carefully through the experience of learning and understanding with minimal disruption and maximum retention.


Large organisations investing in these learning and training tools will receive significant risk mitigation, quantifiable cost reductions and increased competitiveness as a result.